Spring Is Sprung!

Spring is sprung,

The grass is riz…

I wonder where my swimsuit is!

… and more to the point if it will fit me.

Why are we doing this Move A Mountain thing?  Do you even remember anymore?  Motivation is a funny thing.  It seems as if you are raring to go, you can taste success, and then before you know it you have your face in a cheesecake and suddenly your swimsuit is the last thing on your mind.  What’s up with that?

Keep your eye on the prize, and your feet moving.  We can do this!!

See you on the trail!

Skinny Me

The photo shows (though admittedly not to scale) a 5lb blob of fat.  You can buy these blobs online for about $80 if you want to carry one around in your bag, or sleep with it by your bed so it’s the first thing you see when you get up.  I had a friend who actually did that.  She said that her husband had to look at all the fat on her body every morning when he woke up, so it was the least she could do!!

I’m all about visuals; that’s one reason I love the idea of giving away the food each week so that you can actually visualize how much weigh is melting off you.

Last week I stepped outside my comfort zone for the ultimate visualization experience.  I met with Beth Maloney of Raven Haven Coaching.  She specializes in voice dialogue.

I hadn’t heard of voice dialogue before, and really didn’t know what to expect.  However, once I started to investigate it touched a chord with me.  If you’ve been following this blog, you may recall from a few weeks ago that I shared a dream with you.  To give you the brief version, in my dream my fat self and my skinny self were driving in a car together, and my fat self was trying really hard to push my skinny self out of the door.  Skinny me was literally hanging on to the door frame with her fingernails – LOL!

Voice dialogue helps you to identify and actually listen to those different selves, making it easier to identify when they are guiding your actions.

On her website http://www.ravenhavencoach.com/id73.html Beth says:

The voice dialogue technique allows us to separate from the selves we have become identified with and to embrace the selves we have disowned. This does not mean that we become the type of person we most dislike, it just gives us freedom to release ourselves from the unconscious prison that the primary selves hold us in.  It allows for freedom to create more balance in our lives by having safe access to all of the energy available to us.

Beth gently facilitated the session, interviewing my different selves as they surfaced.  It was difficult to begin with.  I didn’t know whether to answer the questions with “I” or as she preferred “Fiona”, however I soon forgot and while it was at times very emotional it was also very enlightening.

It allowed me to see that my fat self is actually my emotional self.  My emotions take over and I comfort eat.  My skinny self  is the part of me that can run a meeting, get things done and move a mountain.  I can see now that I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable with my skinny self.  I find the need to apologize for her, because while she never means to be unkind,  she will say what needs to be said and many people find that uncomfortable.  Whereas my fat self wants to be liked, and needs comfort and reassurance.

Rather telling isn’t it?

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When the going gets tough…

Here we are in mid February.  We’ve been going for about six weeks now and the novelty has well and truely worn off.  It seems like a long time ago that we were all so excited about starting the New Year afresh, and setting those New Year’s Resolutions.  I, personally, have lost 18.6lbs and am feeling more comfortable in myself.  I can walk without having to cling to my asthma inhaler, I’m sleeping better, and my jeans keep falling down.  All of which you would think would be highly motivating!  Except that it is easy to say “I’m doing so well!  I’ve got this down! I can drink that extra wine/eat that cake/chocolate/gravy and it won’t matter if I don’t exercise today”.  And before I know it I’m back to all my old habits.

Well, it’s what always happens; isn’t it?

Every diet I’ve ever been on has been the same…right?  That’s how I ended up at 250lbs in the first place!

Why did I think this time would be any different? I might as well not even try!!


Except… NO!

It’s not the same this time.  This time I made a lifetime change, and this time I’m going to lose all 100 of those horrid extra pounds.

And I am making better choices.  So maybe I did drink a lot of wine this weekend, but I didn’t drink as much as I would have in the past.  When friends came over yesterday afternoon and we opened a bottle (or three), I drank chamomile tea instead until dinner was served and then I had some wine.  That’s calories saved!

And my friend brought over a yummy dip with whole black beans, sun dried tomatoes, avocado and onion.  Sure I had a handful of tortilla chips, but then instead of having another handful of tortilla chips I put some dip on my plate and ate it like a salad.  That’s calories saved!!

So while this weekend wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t the lifestyle changing disaster that I originally thought it was.  I am still making little choices that when added together make a difference.  I may not be running in the right direction this week, but I am still moving forward, with baby steps, and in my book that’s better than turning tail and heading for the hills!

So when the going gets tough will you turn and run, or will you focus on the little successes that when put together make up the mountain?

We can do this.  We CAN move this mountain!!

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Over 99lbs lost!!

Wow, where has the time gone?  It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Life is busy, especially since I’m trying to squeeze in long walks each day.  We have a foster puppy too, that is taking up lots of my time, but that’s another story.

We had 23 people weigh in this week, and since we’ve started our movement we’ve collectively released over 99lbs of weight!  That certainly feels like something to celebrate!


Looking Back Before Moving Forward
Make it a practice to evaluate your progress and plan monthly. Look back and examine all the ideas, people, and plans that supported you this month. Continue plugging in this support system into February’s plan. Then evaluate what part of your January plan that wasn’t as supportive. Revise or reshape this part of your plan and give it a spin this February

Rethink the Posibilities

The trouble with New Year’s Resolutions is that by the time you get two weeks into the year you’re busy with life, and other priorities get in the way, so it’s easy to let them slip.  As a result you roll out the same old resolutions every year but somehow never quite make it to your goal.  How would it feel if next year you didn’t need to include “Lose Weight” in the list of things to do for 2013.  What if you had actually reached your goal?

If you haven’t checked out the facebook page yet, join.  There are lots of other people there facing the same or similar challenges, all with a common goal.  It’s a great place for motivation, planning walks or finding gym buddies, or even just to laugh about our little weaknesses.  Post ideas, comment on other peoples, or just sit in the back ground and take from it what you want.  It’s also where I post offers from local businesses, and give you updates about the weigh in process.

If you haven’t weighed in yet, Thursdays are weigh in days at Thrive.  You don’t have to be a member, just pop in between 8-10 am or 5-7 pm and let them know you want to weigh for Move A Mountain For Duvall.  It’s confidential, and Thrive have been really good about being flexible with the weigh in times.

It’s never to late to start!!!


Re-charge your batteries by re-wiring your thoughts. Negative thought patterns drain your batteries setting you up to make poor choices. Instead create a list of strong, supportive words that help you reach your intentions. Tape these words up around your home, work place or car to re-wire your negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Affirmations are a good tool to use as you work towards your goal. If you create an affirmation in the present tense that supports your intention and think or say it daily you will find yourself reaching your goal. Record these in a journal that you can add more affirmations, positive thoughts and ideas that re-charge your batteries. This will remind you of how you can support yourself from within.

Oh no!! Too much snow!

Tomorrow is weigh in day, but with all this snow on the ground and school canceled you may not be able to make it safely to Thrive to weigh in.

If you can, then great!  Weigh in as normal, but if not and you hae a scale just weigh in at home THIS week. I know your scale may not match the one at Thrive, but we can even out any discrepancies next week.

Post your loss on the fb page to celebrate if you feel comfortable doing that, and again, donate yourfood at Safeway or Thrive when you can.

Hopefully we can get ack to normal next week.

Let It Snow!

Well the snow that we didn’t have over Christmas has finally arrived with a vengeance and it’s playing havoc with my plans.  I hate to drive in the snow, though with four wheel drive and chains I’m braving the roads when I have to, but I have NOT been down to pick up the food donations from last week yet.  If you haven’t got out to drop your “weight loss” off yet,  you can donate it along with your donation for next week.

The weather is also making it tough to stick to my plan.  Not only is it hard to get out and about to exercise, but I’m craving all those yummy comfort foods that I traditionally curl up with when it snows:  Mugs of steaming hot cocoa with marshmallows, macaroni and cheese, apple crumble and custard – yum!  Last night I got into the Cadbury’s Chocolate and devoured almost an entire 250g bar in about 5 minutes flat!!

But you know what?  I’m okay.  I posted on the Facebook page last night, and had several people encourage me to step away from the chocolate – LOL!  and today I went for a walk in the snow.  I’m feeling able to make healthy choices again, and I’m focusing on my goal.


Environmental control is a way to strengthen your commitment to your plan. Looking around at your environment and seeing what helps you give away the weight and what hinders your progress will clue you in on what you need to add or take away from your environment. Create a shopping list every week that includes energy enhancing foods so you have them on hand all week.  Finding energy packed recipes such as smoothies, stir fries, and soups will keep your energy up all week. 
Keeping low-energy foods out of sight will help you continue your focus on your goal and meeting up with friends that support your progress will keep you energized and happy.